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Ironman Challenge

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

You want a challenge but not just any ordinary challenge something that really raises the bar. Maybe you have thought about it but never thought it was achievable, with the right training, focus, and support you could be an ironman. Come and speak with Adwick Triathlon Club in Doncaster who will answer any questions you have about Ironman events and give you practical advise on getting started.

There are two main Ironman events to consider:

Middle distance also known as half ironman or 70.3 due to the total number of miles covered:

1.9km / 1.2mile Swim

90km / 56mile Bike

21.1km / 13.1mile Run

Full distance also know as a full ironman or 140.6 due to the total number of miles covered:

3.86km / 2.4mile Swim

180.25km / 112mile Bike

42.20km / 26.22mile Run

Take a look at some of the ironman events available across the world:

Set your target by booking an ironman event, and then plan your training well in advance as this is where your journey will really begin. Training is extremely important although there is much more to learn to be properly prepared for en event on this scale such as pacing, nutrition, equipment, and transitions. Adwick Tri club can assist and guide you as there are many practical tips and advise that can be learnt from the real veterans of this sport based at our Doncaster based Ironman triathlon club.

Ironman Training in Doncaster

Join us at our Doncaster based Triathlon Club to find out more about Ironman events.

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