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Come and train with us, we are open to all ages and abilities. Visit us at the Adwick Leisure Centre in Doncaster Swim 8:15pm on Wednesday evening's or run on Tuesdays at 8pm meet at reception.



Adwick Leisure Centre

Wednesday evenings from 8:15pm - 9:00pm.


The Swimming fee is just £4.50 per swimming session.

  • Fully insured.

  • 30+ years ASA qualified and experience coaching.

  • Personal tailored swim programs available.

  • Video swim analysis available on request.

Open to all abilities come and give us a try.


2) Book Online

Book Swimming Online >>

Contact us if you need further details.

Tuesday's 8pm meet at Adwick leisure Complex reception open to all abilities


Adwick Triathlon Host Cycling Club Rides

Contact us to confirm details.

Option 1

Starting at 9:30am on Saturday's for beginners we meet at the Agraah Indian restaurant car park. The ride is approx 2hrs in duration with a cafe stop.

Option 2

Starting at 9:00am on Sunday's from the Highwayman pub on the A638.

We cater for all abilities of riders and often have a cafe stop during the ride.




Spin Cycling Sessions

Tuesday evening 7pm before we run, 7:00pm on Weds before we swim at 8pm, this is open to everyone who is a DCLT member.


DCLT Booking

Book by phone

01302 721447 

Cost @£7 or sign up for free 3 day trial at

DCLT Online Booking >>

Adwick Triathlon club we have a group that run on:

Tuesday evenings after spin session at Adwick Leisure Centre, meeting at 7:50pm in reception area.

All abilities welcome.

Contact us if you fancy joining us.

Adwick Triathlon Club in Doncaster
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